My 4th Semester – Finals Week

It is here! The one, and only: Finals Week (Hell Week, for those who speak College). As a health enthusiast, here are a few things to keep in mind while preparing for the “last stretch” of your college spring semester:

  • Don’t neglect sleep hours!
    • Probably the biggest thing, considering that you want your brain fully operational during your final exams. Lack of sleep usually leads to bad eating food habit while in college (unless you surround yourself with glorious healthy snacks, then you are all set).
  • Don’t procrastinate!
    • Yep, with projects/papers/presentations all due within a week, clear up your schedule ahead (a month before finals week, preferably)! Procrastinating will only prevent you to keep up with your physical exercise, social life, and life in general, which then could impede your mental performance during exams.
  • Don’t neglect proper food consumption!
    • Stress = stress eating. This also relates to lack of sleep too, so watch out! With summer just a week or two away, you don’t want to gain food belly for those beach days you planned two months ago… During winter… Surround yourself with healthy snacks instead of sugary foodstuff! Although, do consider one cheat food as a reward after a day of studying. Or perhaps a good alternative: exercise after studying!
  • Exercise!
    • A good stress relief, 30 minutes of exercise is enough to get your body and mind to relax from 4+ classes you are taking this semester. Who knows? Perhaps the endorphins from that 30 minute exercise will help you with your performance on your final exam!

That’s all I have for this week folks! For those who don’t have final exams, replace any exam related words from this post with your general day lifestyle. This post applies to many things🙂

I will write a post about my summer active lifestyle this summer AFTER finals week; that is, I hope I remember to write it. Let me just allude to a future century bike ride that I hope to train for over the summer🙂

Until next time folks!

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